This prince packs a punch


Kannada (U/A)

Cast: Action Prince Dhruva Sarja, Rachita Ram, Haripriya, Vaishali Deepak, P Ravi Shankar, Sudha Rani, Sai Kumar, Jahangir, Saikumar, Sudharani

Director: Chethan Kumar

With Action Prince Dhruva Sarja around, can high-adrenaline action be far behind? No way.

The combo of director Chethan Kumar and Dhruva Sarja, which gave audiences Bahaddur, is back with Bharjari.

In keeping with the title, the action-packed romance has a staple diet of machu, langu, and flying fists and kicks.

Dhruva plays an orphan Surya, cared by his mother’s best friend. His foster mother’s one wish is that he settles down with a homely wife.

But then, our brawny beau, who aspires to be a soldier, has more things up his sleeve. He lands up meeting not one but three damsels. One among them being Gauri who falls for him.

But even before Gauri and Surya can say ‘I do’ enter two more beauties who provide the necessary twists and pretty diversions.

Bharjari is a paisa vasool entertainer made for the masses. The three heroines provide the oomph in a film tailor-made for Dhruva to showcase his stunts and dancing skills.

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