A basket of memories

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A basket of memories

This photo was taken in 1956 at Central College. It was a special day as our team, the Mysore University Basketball Champions, had won the prestigious M G S Memorial Basketball Shield. We had excellent support from the principal and members of the sports committee.

Basketball was a very popular sport during those days. The players from the colleges used to assist many private clubs. The Mysore State Team – both men and women – were national basketball champions for many years during this period.

Daily practice sessions in different playgrounds attracted a huge crowd who came there to watch their favourite players in action.

We played across colleges in the city which was very exciting for us. If the match started at 4 pm, we would often leave college around 2 pm which enabled us to miss a few classes. Our other classmates were very jealous of this privilege.

We played the game barefoot. There was no 20 seconds rule then. The ‚jump-shot‘ became popular only after the visit of Kauffman from USA to India. With very few vehicles on the roads, it was easy for us to cycle to different playgrounds to play the matches.

The best part of the day was taking refreshments in a good hotel after winning a match!

I retired from my teaching assignment at MSRIT in 1998. Have been in Bangalore from the early 50’s, I was lucky to have witnessed the breathtaking wrestling bouts of King Kong,
Dara Singh, Flash Gordon etc.

Also, the visit of two Commonwealth Cricket teams and the two Indian Olympic Hockey teams added some excitement to our young lives.

It‘s sad to say that I am not in touch with any of the players. Most of them have moved out of the state or have passed away. But I do keep in touch with a few of my classmates.

It’s difficult for us to meet as we are not physically fit like before. But thanks to technology, we stay in touch.

Going back to my time in the city in the olden days, I remember lush green, huge tall trees lining the entire length of KR Road. A visit to Lal Bagh or Cubbon Park was refreshing.

Picture houses in Majestic and MG Road areas exhibited good classic movies.

The memory of the salubrious climate, the regular rains, the famous cultural programmes in music, drama and lectures by eminent persons bring to my mind the pleasant time spent in Bangalore.

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