We need to get consistent in every aspect of the game

We need to get consistent in every aspect of the game

We need to get consistent in every aspect of the game

Sourav Ganguly

We need to pick ourselves up and do the basics right if we want to keep our chances open in the tournament. This year the tournament is at its thrilling best. There are still three rounds to go, Mumbai Indians having sailed through to the last four, three places are still up for grabs. I strongly believe it will go down to the wire. If we want to see ourselves up there we need to get on to a winning streak. We need to get consistent in every aspect of the game and then only the desired result can come.

It was a heart-breaking experience in Bangalore. Till the tenth over the situation was picture perfect. If I would have won the toss I would have opted to bat first, as the wicket seemed dry and was bound to slow down. So it was indeed a welcome situation when Anil won the toss and asked us to have a first go.

We got to the hundred-run mark as early as the eleventh over, having just lost one wicket. From such a position, any team would look forward to something in excess of 180 plus. But we just threw away the opportunity. In T20 format you definitely need to throw the bat around but only after judging the course of the game. But the way our batsmen threw their bat around it seemed that there was no tomorrow! One can talk and analyse the situation for you but the implementation is the most important thing.

When it came to defending our runs we started off well by removing Kallis and needed a few wickets upfront to put pressure on the Bangalore batting. Dinda once again bowled beautifully with the new ball but we couldn’t hold the pressure at the other end. There is a saying in cricket that catches win matches but we let a few slip and that didn’t help our cause.

In T20 once the asking rate goes over nine, which did happen at times, there will be balls flying in the air and that is when we need to hold our catches. We need to emerge as a team from the shadows of the last game at the earliest. Chennai Super Kings have lost the last match and so have we. Whichever team re-groups at the earliest will call the shots.

Our start while batting has really come good in the last few matches. That has to be maintained. We need to do a lot of soul-searching to put up the right combination and also to find out people who would like to put up their hands and get counted in the current scenario. Talent is necessary but what counts more is the will to deliver. The will to stand up and play for one’s pride, specially when the chips are down. It is sport and not war, but even in sport also you need to wake up everyday. Bad days will be there but it’s how you wake up to it will determine how far one will go.

The time has come for us to stand up as a unit, not just rely on a few individuals to deliver. If that happens we can still be a team to look forward in the last phase of the group league.

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