'I didn't have a makeup man'

'I didn't have a makeup man'

Actor Chirashree Anchan is a bundle of nerves but is excited as ‘Huliraya’ hit the screens on Friday. As every new project is a different experience, she believes that this movie taught her a lot about acting and pushed her to explore more as an artiste.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the movie and more.

What is on your mind now?

I am excited about ‘Huliraya’, which is my first release in Sandalwood. I am also very nervous. One can never predict how the audience will react to a certain movie. I have my fingers crossed.

Tell us about your role. How close are you to your character?

I play Malli, a very innocent girl in the movie. My character is that of a forest officer’s daughter. I am very similar to my character in real life too, I am not a talkative person. Malli lives in the forest and has never been outside the area.

How challenging was this role?

This was a totally different experience. In all my movies, my characters have been varied. Something very different about this movie is that I had to express all emotions through my eyes. I don’t have elaborate lines in the movie. This made it very challenging.

You’re sporting a very simple look in the movie. Tell us about it.

I wore old salwars and sported a very simple look. I didn’t have a makeup man in ‘Huliraya’. Even for a plain look in the movies, there will be a makeup man who will work on giving a clean makeup base. But the director, Aravind Kaushik, believed that my natural look worked best for the role and it has come out well. He would just tell me to wash my face and come to the set. It was another great experience.

Any funny moments that happened on the sets of ‘Huliraya’.

There were many interesting moments. There were times when I would see snakes or giant spiders and I would run for my life. One really embarrassing and funny moment was when the hero had to pull me near to him. He did so and I fell down. The director was looking through the camera and couldn’t find me. I had fallen into a pit and everyone was laughing away to glory.    

Sandalwood is opening
up to different stories now. How do you think ‘Huliraya’ will be accepted?

Things are changing in the industry. People like watching different kinds of films now. When the movie’s teaser was released, we got more than one lakh likes in two days. I am positive about the movie clicking with the audience. The movie is based on a real story and that will connect to the audience.

What kind of roles would you like to see yourself?

I would like to explore any role that challenges the actor in me. I would love to be a part of more and more women-oriented movies. Movies like what Malashree acted in are what interests me. I want to try action movies too in future.

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