Destinations along the Cauvery

Destinations along the Cauvery

Recently, we visited two ancient temples in Mudukuthore inT Narasipura taluk of Mysuru district. The temples are situated on a small hillock and one has to climb 35 to 40 steps to reach the top. One temple is dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna and the other is dedicated to Goddess Bhramaramba. Lord Mallikarjuna is in the form of a linga. These two temples are said to be in existence for several centuries now. The word Mudukuthore translates to ‘a stream with a twist’ in Kannada. The serene surroundings and the flowing Cauvery river enhance the beauty of the locale.

According to the priest of the temple, the linga inside the sanctum sanctorum was installed by Sage Kapila in the ancient times when he was travelling towards the South. Just by the side of Mallikarjuna Temple, a temple has been built for Goddess Bhramaramba, wife of Lord Mallikarjuna. It is believed that the goddess assumed the form of a bhramara, which means bee in Sanskrit, in order to devour a demon called Sahasraksha. Thus the name, Bhramaramba. Both these temples are managed by the State government. Not many devotees visit these temples as the place is a bit secluded. 

An anecdote narrated by the priest detailed a miracle performed by Sage Kapila. It is believed that River Cauvery was flowing towards the west earlier. Sage Kapila prayed to the river to change her course towards the east for the benefit of people and River Cauvery agreed to his request.

Our next destination was Talakadu. Three ancient temples dedicated to lords Vaidyanatheshwara, Maruleshwara and Pathaleshwara are located here. These temples are surrounded by vast stretches of fine sand. River Cauvery flows just a few furlongs away from these temples and the devotees usually take a dip in the river. Youngsters enjoy playing in the water, while some go for a joy ride on the theppa (coracle). On the return journey to Mysuru, travellers can enjoy a picturesque view of the twin waterfalls, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki, near Mandya town. A number of temples dot the route towards Mysuru. And the devout travellers keep themselves busy visiting them.

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