After Harvey Weinstein episode, #MeToo kicks up a storm

After Harvey Weinstein episode, #MeToo kicks up a storm

The Harvey Weinstein incident will be remembered for long as a bloody blot on Hollywood. Allegations of sexual assault being thrown left and right, old skeletons dug from the closet, and it all ended with Weinstein being removed from not only his own company, but the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as well. For one so influential and powerful in the industry, it must have been a rude awakening for him, but many would say he had it coming.

But the episode has also inspired a movement, one in which people, women or men, are slowly crawling out of the woodworks to share their unpleasant encounters with creeps, stalkers and assaulters, would-be or otherwise.

Spurred on by a message posted by 'My Name is Earl' star Alyssa Milano on Twitter, over a 100,000 people have taken on to Facebook and Twitter to share some of their sordid stories and encounters with sexual harassment.

The hashtag, #MeToo, as it's being called, is being used to get people to talk about the problem.

Have a look at a few tweets below:

The problem never stops, not if society itself ostracizes the victim:

For there are always two sides to a coin:

Courage takes some time to come forth, but it eventually does:

Some do acknowledge that just because women are more in the light over sexual assault that the other sides are no better off:

The only thing worse than one incident is two incidents:

Not even the children are spared, leaving them with scars that go deep and last long:

While others comment on how far things have gone that a hashtag is needed to make people see the truth:

A LifeProTip for those who would be otherwise inclined to leer at women:

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