5 simple pledges for a healthier heart!

5 simple pledges for a healthier heart!
Keeping your heart in good shape is vital for a long and healthy life. By following a healthy lifestyle you can reduce your chances of developing a heart disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide.

While medical practices continue to work on developing more scientific cures, you can count on these five pledges to keep your heart healthy and happy:

Healthy food: Nutrition is the key to overall health. According to research, a heart healthy diet consisting of nutritious foods such as 1.5 servings (43 gram) of almonds everyday may lower total and LDL cholesterol and reduce levels of heart damaging inflammation.

Sweat it out: Regular exercises are essential to keep yourself healthy and fit. Physical activity also helps maintain your weight as well as reduce symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.

Avoid stress: Studies show that stress changes the way your blood clots, which in turn rises the risk of a heart attack.

No tobacco: Smoking is a major risk for those suffering from heart disease and lung problems.

Don’t drink: Limiting the alcohol consumption to one drink per day will help keep heart diseases at bay.

If you follow all these steps, you are sure to have a healthy and happy heart.

(The author is nutritionist & pilates expert)
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