In a liar's world

In a liar's world

Sharan latest release, ‘Satya Harishchandra’ is sure to send his fans into a rapturous delight. Sharan always gives all his characters a unique twist. Whether ‘Maruthi 800’, ‘Nataraja Services’, ‘Bullet Basya’ or his last release ‘Raj Vishnu’, they each have the right flavouring of comedy, romance and action.

Sharan is a popular comedian in the Kannada film industry and is known to experiment with different kinds of humour. “It’s not easy to make people laugh. But I try to infuse comedy into a serious situation. In ‘Satya Harishchandra’, we have added a lot of funny elements to a serious subject to keep the entertainment factor running high,” Sharan.

The story revolves around a man who is nicknamed as Satya Harishchandra because he lies a lot. “We sarcastically refer to someone as Satya Harishchandra when we know that he is perpetual liar. People who are used to lying find it hard to tell the truth. My character is called Satya Harishchandra in the movie and even here, this young man can’t stop lying,” explains Sharan.

Sharan clarifies that the director doesn’t attempt to justify lying or promote liars through this film. “The director wishes to tell people that lies don’t hold out for too long. Everybody lies at some point in time but one must not make a habit of it,”adds Sharan.

About how he connected to the subject, Sharan says, that he totally related to the energy in the character. “The character that I play is deliberately kept loud and exaggerated. His uses his loudness to cover up his lies,” says Sharan. Sharan feels that this movie is special in a lot of ways.

“The subject is unique and perfectly suits the present-day situations. The narration is humourous and offers plenty of light moments but the movie conveys a strong message,” he notes.

The actor is paired with Bhavana Rao and Sanchita Padukone. “I don’t want to disclose why and how thee two women come into my life. The scene shifts to Portugal after these two women appear on screen. While Sanchita is born and raised in Portugal, Bhavana meets me there. And there’s a twist in the tale when I come face to face with both of them,” adds Sharan.

All the characters that Sharan has played so far have stood out. “I consciously try to work on roles that make people laugh and get them thinking. The choice of colourful clothes and use of slang in this film have added strength to the character,” says Sharan.

Sharan is all set to produce his second film under his banner Ladoo Cinema House. “My next film will be produced by me and co-produced by all my technicians. All the technicians who have worked with me for so long are a part of my next project and this is also what makes it special,” Sharan signs off.

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