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Inspired by the American labourers of the early 20th century, the workwear trend has really taken off in recent years. With everyone from high-end designers to traditional workwear brands, banking in on the current predilection for simpler threads, we’ve seen a reinvention of what was typically a
stagnant market.

These days, the workwear aesthetic can be considered as a wardrobe staple, comprising many pieces such as jeans, denim jackets, work trousers and boots to name a few. The key is all in the laid-back styling, comfortable fit and practicality of the clothing used. We’ve broken down some of the key pieces below that’ll have you nailing the workwear look in no time.

When looking for a workwear suited shirt, you should be thinking of lumberjack prints, plaid, durable materials and practical fittings. Although it’s generally accepted that navy, beige, and black are among the most popular colour choices when going for the workwear look, you can typically play around with other colours if the structure and general look of the piece is reasonably utilitarian.The lumberjack shirt styles can include wearing an unbuttoned one with a white vest underneath. Accessories wise, consider topping the look off with a beanie hat for cooler days.

Trousers /Jeans
When it comes to putting together your workwear-inspired look, the natural choice is to go with either denim or a robust work trouser. Their wide legged nature partnered with their time-enduring quality and stain resistance makes them a popular choice among industrious men who require maximum mobility and a quality pair of trousers for work.

While going for denim, wide legs as opposed to a skinny fit is the best way forward. It’s going to take some getting used to, seeing yourself in wider legs again. Make use of turn ups and pair with some ‘Vans Authentics’  and you’re gonna be nailing a classically-inspired, contemporary style.

When styling, the workwear jacket typically pairs well with most items in a man’s wardrobe. To achieve the desired workwear aesthetic, however, it’s best to maintain the clean silhouettes with simplistic complimenting items such as white t-shirts, clean workwear trousers or denim, and minimal accessories. With a trusty construction built for longevity, the workwear jacket will serve you well through the years if you care for it properly.

Last, but not least, workwear accessories are a great way to finish off a look with an elevated sartorial flair. Beanie hats and caps are typical workwear-inspired headwear pieces, having been initially worn for practical reasons. Looking at luggage, the best way to perpetuate the workwear-inspired aesthetic is with the trusty backpack. While most can work here, a vintage knapsack bag or typical backpack is the best choice.

(Contributed by Pooja Gajraj)

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