'I'm a toddler in the industry'

'I'm a toddler in the industry'

'I'm a toddler in the industry'

Actor Roshni Prakash is excited as her latest film ‘Tiger Galli’ just hit the screens. Compared to her earlier movies, she is playing a bold avatar in this and has set her hopes high about the outcome.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor sheds light on her movie and more.

Tell us about your role in ‘Tiger Galli’.

I play a significant role in the movie and I thoroughly enjoyed portraying my character. Playing a cop was like a dream come true. I’m a toddler in the industry
and most actors get a chance to play such a role only after five or more years of acting. Handling the role of an ACP was not an easy task.

How did you groom yourself for the role?

Ravi sir, the director, was very confident that I would do justice to the role which made me want to try harder. He advised me to watch many action movies with intense scenes by Malashri and Suhasini ma’am. I had to express my emotions in a bold manner. I underwent an acting workshop and was continually practising my lines.

Did you face any challenges?

Every character demands a lot from an actor. After playing subtler roles, I was now playing a role where I didn’t care about anyone in the world. This required a lot of attitude. I’m a shy person. To step out of my comfort zone and play such a character, was quite a task.

How was it to act with Sathish Neenasam?

We both were in our own zones during the movie as we were playing difficult roles. We couldn’t interact much but when it came to acting, it was fun. I needed someone who could boost my confidence and he has a lot of positive energy. He was the one who suggested my name to the director.

Your thoughts on how the movie will connect with the audience?

The film has a strong content which will impress movie lovers. All the
characters in it have their own stories to narrate and they all are bound to
create a strong impact.

What elements make for a good movie?

I believe that every movie needs a good story to click with the audience. For me, the story is the hero in a film. How the director treats the subject also makes a lot of difference.

 A role you want to explore.

I want to keep doing roles that will challenge me as a performer in front of the camera. If I had to be specific, I want to do a biopic.

Did being a Miss India participant help in the whole process?

Yes. I was noticed by many casting directors after I took part in the pageant. It helped me reach where I am now. Having such a background also helped me groom myself well.

Is fashion important for an actor?

Definitely. But every person should have their own individual style. According to me, fashion is about being comfortable in what you are wearing.

What are you most comfortable in?

I like sporting a pair of denims with a white top and layering it with a jacket. With a scarf, I can create different looks in the day.

On an off day, what do you do?

I do not miss my workout schedule, on and off sets. I also like trekking and
I like spending time with my  family. 

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