'I get the jitters acting in front of strangers'

'I get the jitters acting in front of strangers'

'I get the jitters acting in front of strangers'

dedicated Ranvir Shorey dh photo by kishor kumar bolar

Even with his unconventional looks, Ranvir Shorey has managed to carve a niche for himself in films and television. Left by himself, he cannot sit quietly for even two minutes. He makes funny noises and breaks into an occasional ramba dance showing his spontaneity. But when it comes to performing live on the stage he says it’s the most nerve-wracking experience of his life.

Playing the role of a patient in the play The Blue Mug, Ranvir says he loves the play for many reasons. “More than the actual performance, I have loved the rehearsals. With each rehearsal we have been able to discover so much about ourselves. And also a lot of bonding happens,” he says and adds, “I really don’t mind acting in front of my friends but when it comes to acting in front of strangers, I feel like locking myself up in a room, because till today, I get the jitters acting in front of strangers.”

Maybe that’s why Ranvir does not act in any other theatre production except for The Company Theatre. “I have known each one of them for years now and we share a special bond,” says Ranvir. Someone, with whom Ranvir has shared a long standing relationship, is Vinay Pathak. “He is so much fun to hang out with. From C for Clowns to our veejaying days, we have been in so many projects and have many memories
together,” he says.  

Ranvir has for the first time performed on-stage with beau Konkona Sen Sharma. “It has been great working with Konkona. She is a wonderful artiste but I must say that her role in the play does not do justice to her talent. For an actress with her potential, she deserves something more,” says Ranvir.     

Being versatile is something that Ranvir looks forward to in every project. While the audience has accepted him in Bollywood as a “different actor”, he felt after Khosla Ka Ghosla (KKG), he was being offered similar roles. “I hate being typecast. Ever since the success of KKG, people wanted me to act in similar kind of roles. It was difficult to say no to so many people but I had no choice,” he explains.

But then Fatso came along and it proved to be quite a challenge for Ranvir, because the skinny lad had to put on weight at all the wrong places. “Putting on weight is not as easy as I thought it would be. It’s not all about gorging junk food. I had to consult a doctor on how to put on weight the “right way” because I had to also lose it afterwards,” he adds.