Managing psoriasis this winter

Managing psoriasis this winter

Managing psoriasis this winter

All of us experience mild to the moderately dry skin at some point, but for some, it's a chronic problem. Especially during winter, the cold winds, low humidity, wet weather and lack of sunlight drain the moisture out of our skin making it dry and itchy. Psoriasis causes skin cells to build up, and form shiny scales and itchy, dry red patches. The skin patches can be painful and can vary in size and intensity over time.

Winter can trigger psoriasis outbreaks, but there are many ways to tackle the drying effects of cold temperature.

Keep your skin moist to ease redness and itching, and heal psoriasis patches. The thicker the cream or ointment, the better it is at locking moisture into your skin.

Long showers in hot water sucks moisture from your skin. Shower in warm water just long enough to soap up and rinse off.

Cold weather can irritate your skin. Cover yourself with a soft scarf, hat, and gloves when you go outside to protect exposed areas of skin.

Drink plenty of water. You will know if you are getting enough because your urine will be a pale yellow.

Stress can worsen the condition. Try a massage or spa treatment to beat the winter chill.

Vitamin D deficiency is often related to psoriasis. One must consume vitamin D supplements.