A reel life fantasy

A reel life fantasy

A reel life fantasy

There’s something about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that connects with the audience. The name itself is enough to whip the movie-going crowd into a frenzy.

Starting from the way the story is told to the production aesthetics, almost every Marvel movie has something different.

The latest release ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ has been receiving rave reviews and seems to have ticked all the right boxes for the viewers.

Prateek Thakker, a professional, says, “‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is one of the best MCU movies that I have seen. It almost felt like I was in a video game. The 3-D screen definitely added to the experience.”

The comic book fan has been following both Marvel and DC comics for years now. However, when it comes to the cinematography, he likes the production value of MCU films.

“While DC movies are very grim, Marvel portrays its characters in a light manner. ‘Thor’ raised the bar with its quirky dialogues and the way the characters played their parts. The soundtrack was also mindblowing; I’ve made it my ringtone now,” he says.

Food and lifestyle blogger Rumana Nazarali also felt that it was a great movie.

She says, “It was a complete package — comedy, entertainment, action, thrills and melodrama. Even ‘Doctor Strange’ made an appearance in the film which was an interesting twist to the story.

The chemistry between ‘Thor’ and ‘Bruce Banner’ was on point and ‘Loki’
was his usual entertaining self.”

Rumana went in with the intention of seeing a continuation of the last ‘Thor’ film but she came back quite surprised.

“I went with a mindset that this will be like any other Marvel movie but it was just brilliant. I would recommended it to other Marvel comic fans. But it has to be watched in a theatre. You won’t be doing justice to the film if you watch it on any other screen.”

Many moviegoers are looking forward to watching the film over the weekend. Nisha Chandrasekaran, a communication professional, says, “My sister has exams going on so I am waiting patiently to watch the movie with her. The trailer has already created a buzz as it looked different from the usual MCU trailers. There is more comedy than usual which I am looking forward to.”

Nisha grew up reading comic books, especially Marvel and DC comics. She says that the best way to enjoy these movies is to not compare them with the books.

“MCU movies don’t always have a great storyline but they are highly entertaining. And you enjoy the film only if you are not comparing it to the books. I can’t wait to watch the
film as I have been hearing great reviews about it,” she adds.

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