'I really want to be a director'

'I really want to be a director'

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'I really want to be a director'

Sumeet Vyas has been increasing his fanbase with every performance.
This weekend saw his film ‘Ribbon’, starring Kalki Koechlin as the female lead, hit the theatres.

The movie is about a working urban couple who are overwhelmed by the birth of a baby girl and how they realise parenthood comes with its own challenges.

Sumeet speaks to Anila Kurian about the experience of working in ‘Ribbon’ and his upcoming projects.

You’ve done some interesting roles so far. What makes ‘Ribbon’ different from these?

The coolest part is the way it has been shot. I loved the whole approach to the narrative and this film is as close to realism as possible. It portrays the struggles an urban couple goes through on a day-to-day basis, the arguments and conflicts they have and how they become unreasonable.

What’s it like working with Kalki Koechlin? Did both of you being theatre actors help?

Yes! Kalki is known for being open and professional, which was helpful. From the time we went for workshops, we knew  it’ll work. There are certain scenes that are stressful so we were given a structure and asked to improvise and react. So for scenes like that, it was great to have someone who knew the basics
of it.

You have also started working on ‘Veere Di Wedding’…

Yes, we just started shooting for it. It’s a big budget Bollywood film and I’m excited to be a part of it.

What else are you busy with?

I’m writing the second season of the web series ‘TVF Tripling’. We will start working on it next year.

What is your acting mantra?

I don’t like faking my characters. The best part about being an actor is that I get to live so many lives. I just portray them as they are; I don’t know how else to act! This also influences the content I watch.

You’re known for being a writer and actor. Anything else you want to dabble in next?

I really want to be a director but I just haven’t found a full script to work on.

You work in theatre, movies and in the digital world. Do you find any similarities between these mediums?

I honestly don’t pay attention to the medium. I only focus on the kind of scripts I read and the people I’m working with. It’s important to me because I am giving my
time which I will not get back. So I would rather enrich my time than waste it.

Any plans after the release of your movie?

Yes, I’m waiting for some free time to go on a biking trip.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I love to eat and drink beer. I’m very unfit when I’m not working.

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