Lassi what's here!

Lassi what's here!

Lassi what's here!

It has been a long-standing grouse of Bengalureans that there are not many places that cater to the green-lovers in the city. The  hunt for good vegetarian places in the city has turned into a perpetual one of hide-and-seek.  One such hidden gem is 'Punjabi Nukkad' which serves authentic North Indian cuisine that will satisfy any foodie.

The menu starts off with beverages which include options like 'Punjabi lassi', 'Masala lassi' and different varieties of shakes. The 'Punjabi lassi' is giant-sized and a good try for those craving a sweet taste of the North Indian state. There are a few options in soups for those looking to start their meal in the proper way.  

Next  on the list are the 'Tandoori starters'. With choices like 'Paneer tikka', 'Veg seekh kebab', 'Veg platter' and 'Malai paneer tikka', which deserves a special shout out. With a good mix of textures and flavours, any item in this section is a safe bet.  

There is also a section called 'Chinese starters' which has items like 'Crispy chilli potato', 'Honey chilli potato' and 'Gobi manchurian'. Despite being titled as starters, this section also lists 'Vegetable fried rice', 'Veg chowmein' and 'Paneer chowmein'. The dishes provide value for money though they don't exactly give a competition to the true blue Chinese versions.

For the main course, they have an extensive selection of gravies and accompaniments. In gravies, select from 'Dal Makhani', 'Malai kofta', 'Paneer butter masala', 'Dal tadka' and more. The dishes have a homely feel and taste so don't go there expecting fancy stuff. Portions are generous and more than sufficient for one person. The 'paneer' based curries command a loyal fan following in the area and entice one with their aroma and flavour.  The stuffed mushrooms are recommended  

Among the Indian breads, the 'Chur-chur naan'  and 'Butter garlic naan' are highly recommended. They also have a few options in rice such as 'Veg biryani', 'Navratan pulao' and 'Vegetable pulao'.

For those looking to get an authentic taste of Punjabi,  opt for the 'Parathas' which are some of the best items on the menu. These are served along with  curd, butter, pickle and chutney. The  'Aloo Onion paratha'  and 'Yaraan da paratha' are favourites among the customers who come there for their flavourful taste.  

 In their meal combos, try out the 'Amritsari kulcha', which  comprises  'Amritsari kulcha', 'Channa masala', 'raita' and salad. There are also a few 'thaali' options for those who are craving a fulfilling and wholesome meal.  

Though the place has delivery also, the service leaves a lot to be desired. It is better to visit the place in person and  enjoy the dishes.  

'Punjabi Nukkad' is located on 112/1, Lakedew Residency, Haralur Main Road, HSR Post.