Back to college

Back to college

Back to college

The party has just begun for actor Samyuktha Hegde. After a rollicking debut in 'Kirik Party', she appears as a college-goer in her latest release 'College Kumar'.

The actor, who has been busy with the promotions of the film, feels that this role has taken her back to her college days. The project also delves
into the relationship between a father and son and explores the changing equations between
them. In an interview with Nina C George, Samyuktha talks about her role and the making of the project.

 What impressed you about 'College Kumar'?

The movie explores the issues between a father and a son. I am paired opposite Vikky Varun. My character is that of a girl who is attracted to Vikky's character because of his rebellious attitude. The project is a mix of interesting genres and makes for a good

 Tell us about your role.

She is someone who is drawn to men who are dominating and smart. In this film, Vikky's character picks up a fight with people for the smallest of things. He is very organised and doesn't tolerate nonsense.

 On working with Vikky Varun...

There is never a dull moment when Vikky is around. He manages to crack a joke on just about everything. I am always bursting out laughing when I am with him. Our off-screen friendship has  added a lot of life and colour to our onscreen chemistry.  

 What is your take on the father-son relationship in the movie?

In the film, both the father and the son hold on to what each of them believe is right. They are never willing to compromise. It also shows how this generation doesn't completely agree to what their parents say.

 How do you handle controversies?

I had a little trouble handling date issues with the crew of 'College Kumar'. I was upset with the way the whole issue was handled. But after that incident, I don't let silly things affect me.

 How do you handle criticism?

I don't let negativity tie me down.

What is your criteria for signing a project?

I look at the director and cameraman first before signing a project. The actors may be good but if the cameraman doesn't know his job, then the whole purpose is lost.

 How do you handle fame?

I don't let fame get to my head. I still want to be an ordinary girl who can eat street food and walk around just like anybody else. Nothing lasts forever. I also believe fame is a very temporary thing.

What do you do when you are not working?

I hope to start my own YouTube channel which will be based on dance. I give equal importance to both dance and acting.

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