Book Rack Nov 19

Book Rack Nov 19

Book Rack Nov 19

Book Rack

Murder of a Lady

Anthony Wynne

Niyogi Books, 2017, Rs 395, pp 269

Duchlan Castle is a gloomy, forbidding place in the Scottish Highlands. One night, the body of Mary Gregor, sister of the laird of Duchlan, is found in the castle. The only clue is a silver fish scale found near
the body. And inspector Dundas must solve the case.

The Dirty Dozen

Gabriel Khan

Westland, 2017, Rs 350, pp 226

Munna Jhingada, Farid Tanasha and Baba Reddy are

hitmen. Each has a haunting tale to tell. While they have no crimnal empire of their own, their
bio-sketchs can fill several police files. This book
also looks at the lives of the 12 of the most viscious

hitmen of Mumbai.

A Faceless Evening

Gangadhar Gadgil, translated by
Keerti Ramachandra

Ratna Books, 2017, Rs 299, pp 201

This book, capturing the life of the middle-class in Mumbai and their chawls, is a collection of 14 short stories: there is fable, fantasy, humour, poignanacy, sentiment, and commentary on the society and human behaviour.

Journey to Lhasa

Sarat Chandra Das

Speaking Tiger, 2017, Rs 350, pp 272

In 1874, civil engineer Sarat Chandra Das was

recruited by the British as a spy in Darjeeling.

The empire wanted to train local agents to gather information about Tibet, which was cut-off

from the outside world. This book compiles

his experience.

Himalayan Hazard

Amitabh Pandey

Harper Black, 2017, Rs 299, pp 269

Gautam Shukla, tired of fighting secret wars,

has retreated into the hills of Kumaon.

When an eminent political personality is shot

dead in Delhi, Gautam is called upon to help

find the culprit.

On a Stormy Course

Valson Thampu

Hachette, 2017, Rs 599, pp 300

In this memoir, Reverend Thampu lays bare, for the first time, the truth behind years of tumult, and his journey as the 12th principal of an esteemed institution. He reveals how he stayed steadfast and

committed to the betterment of his alma mater in the face of chaos, scorn from the people, hostile peers and media trials.

Bhootnath Meets Bhairavi

Prachand Praveer

Infolimner, 2017, Rs 299, pp 218

In this collection of short stories, tales of

innocent childhood, adolescence, memorable

youth and old age will captivate readers of all ages. Situated in everyday themes and occurrences,

it offers a slice of life.

A Decade With Tigers

Shivang Mehta

Niyogi Books, 2017, Rs 1750, pp 357

This book is a collection of photo essays on the

tigers of India. The big cats, captured in their various moods in their habitat, are compiled. It also includes the pictures of other big cats and wild animals.

It covers almost all of the famous Indian national parks.

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