'I've my hands full at the moment'

'I've my hands full at the moment'

'I've my hands full at the moment'

Actor Sruthi Hariharan seems to be on a signing spree.  While her latest release 'Upendra Mathe Baa' has had a moderate success, Sruthi is working on several projects simultaneously in Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

Between shooting for 'Ladies Tailor' where she plays a Muslim girl, she has also started working on 'Tesla' where she sports five different looks.

This will be the first feature film by her production house.  In an interview with Nina C George, Sruthi talks about her upcoming projects and more.  

What made you accept 'Ladies Tailor'?

The film is directed by Vijay Prasad who has also directed 'Neer Dose' and
'Sidlingu'. This is the first time that I will be attempting a comedy film. I have been told by a lot of people that as an actor, I am not very good at making
people laugh. So I want to break that notion with this film.

How are you preparing for the role?

I have been asked to put on a little weight which is the hardest thing for me. With the help of a nutritionist, I am trying to gain weight the right way.

The teaser of 'Tesla' looks good. Can you describe your look in it?

I have five looks in 'Tesla'. Every look changes in line with background and ambience. The language too has been altered to suit the current trends.

What makes this project different?

This will be the first feature film by my production house. It is a science-fiction thriller. We will be using cutting-edge technology which will surely make it look different from the regular films.

What is your role in the film?

Every look of mine in 'Tesla' is bold and is like that for a definite purpose. I can't say more because I will be giving away a lot about the film.

What kind of scripts interest you?

I have been listening to a couple of scripts for a while now. I have my hands full at the moment. I would like to work on something that is worth my time and effort.

Does it pay to be choosy?

I have reached a point in my career where I don't want to just act and leave. I want to be able to make a substantial contribution to the project. I want to get into every aspect of filmmaking.

How do you manage to take forward your passion for acting and production?

It isn't easy but I feel good at the end of it because I look at every new venture as a learning experience.

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