The lad who sent BJP into a tizzy now wants Hardik to come clean

The lad who sent BJP into a tizzy now wants Hardik to come clean

The lad who sent BJP into a tizzy now wants Hardik to come clean

Twenty-year-old engineering student Sagar Savaliya is said to have conceived the phrase 'Vikas Gando Thayo Chhe' (development has gone crazy), sending the BJP into a tizzy.

Sagar had first uploaded a post on the theme '#VikasGandoThayoChhe' on Facebook on August 24.

It was a picture of a state transport bus stranded on a highway near Amreli in Saurashtra region. The vehicle's axle was broken and two of its wheels had come off. The post spread like wildfire and hordes of memes mocking the BJP's development claims went viral on social media.

On Tuesday, Sagar shared a post on Facebook asking Patel quota stir leader Hardik Patel to come clean on supporting the Congress and over infighting within his Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) for Congress tickets.

"Under no circumstances can we support the BJP in the state, as they beat us and have done injustice to us. But I am feeling disenchanted with PAAS and Hardik Patel. He should make his stance clear whether we should support Congress or not? On one hand, he says that we should defeat BJP but many PAAS members have filed nominations as independent candidates against official Congress candidates. This has left many like me confused," he told DH.

Sagar's Facebook page carries a cover picture where he is seen standing next to Hardik.

In an earlier post, Sagar said, "The community wants to defeat the BJP but your leaders are opposing the Congress...who should the community support?"

When asked if he wanted Hardik to announce open support for the Congress, Sagar said that all he wanted was Hardik not to indulge in doublespeak.

"It appears the call for quotas, too, has been replaced by electoral politics. Initially, Hardik said that Patels should get reservations under OBC category. Now he is saying that Congress has said that Patels would be given benefits similar to ones OBCs get! This is confusing," Sagar said.

"BJP said that Congress has cancelled Article 31. What is the actual status? We should know," he said.

On his earlier post on social media - "I feel PAAS has reached a compromise by taking crores of rupees. Hardik must answer whether the agitation was to make money or get tickets for his PAAS conveners " - Sagar said that Hardik had in his media address on Wednesday stated that some PAAS members could have been bought by the BJP.

"How do we trust these PAAS guys if they too have taken money?" Sagar said.

He said that Hardik had sent him a message after his recent post, advising him to be careful while sharing views for the sake of the community.