Religion-based reservation should be extended to Hindus: seer

Religion-based reservation should be extended to Hindus: seer

Religion-based reservation should be extended to Hindus: seer

Pejawar mutt seer Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swami said he is not anti-Dalit, however, the "religious reservation" that is being given to minorities should be extended to the Hindus.

Speaking to media persons on Monday, the seer said that he is being portrayed as the enemy of Dalits and Muslims.

The seer clarified that he has not sought for the amendment of the Constitution or overhauling of the Constitution, which would surely mean an insult to Dr B R Ambedkar, who framed the Constitution. However, the seer made it clear that the Ambedkar was not the only person who worked for the Constitution. There were many other leaders who were part of the drafting committee. Hence, Ambedkar should not be the sole target for any voice of discord against the Constitution, he added.

He maintained that he has no qualms for the linguistic reservation and he declined to comment whether he is against or for the linguistic reservation. However, linguistic reservation is not required in all areas, except at the border areas. The seer said the litterateurs and the intellectuals are protesting for the sake of opposing the seer and has nothing to do with his statements in real. He alleged that Dailts are innocent and they are misguided by the intellectuals.

The progressive thinker Dwarakanath also has once said that he is against reservation as reservation is nothing but a poll gimmick. He insisted that the temples should also be given the autonomy similar to that of churches and mosques.

Retorting to the queries over the three day Dharma Samsad, the seer said that the draft resolution is done and the VHP organizing committee would submit the recommendations and the resolutions that were passed in the Dharma Samsad to the central government. The seer said he is confident that the government would be working towards implementing the resolutions.

The seer said he has not organised Dharma Sansad to pacify Hindu religious heads who were irked by the Iftar party on Eid organised at Udupi Mutt.

He said, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, as an ardent follower of Basavanna, should introduce the Bill on ban on cow slaughter. Basavanna was always concerned about the cattle and its conservation.