Here's my autograph!

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Here's my autograph!

Craze: Sachin Tendulkar autographs on a bat.

How can one forget memories associated with autograph books? How it used to be a common in schools and colleges to gather autographs of pals at the end of an academic year? It was also a matter of prestige to collect signatures from celebrities and show them off amongst peers. But most people claim that this craze went off during their school days itself and that autograph books are no longer a fascination for them. However at the same time, there are some people who have developed it as a hobby and find pleasure in getting signatures and collecting personal data from friends.

 Shriharsha B S, an engineering student, gives a personal touch to his friendship books by decorating them with vibrant colours and wonderful designs. “I kept separate books for lecturers, friends and celebrities. My keepsake books are enriched with the signatures of personalities from the fields of film, literature and media. I developed this craze through my friends who were die-hard fans of film and cricket stars. Now I restrict myself only to collecting my friends’ autographs, especially for their contact numbers and addresses,” he reveals.

Though social networking sites and mobile phones are replacing slam books, there are some people, who still have many memories
attached to these books. Fiza Nayaz, a media student, has a bundle of keepsake books and regards them as her assets.

She says, “I won't agree that autograph books are vanishing these days. There are so many people like me who consider these books as valuables. I have collected autographs of cricket players, scanned those signed pages and put them on my scrapbook of a social networking site.” She further adds, “I keep on travelling and in one of my recent journeys to India from Dubai, I met actor Dharmendra and got his signature. It was really memorable.”

Supriya, a degree student says that going through autograph books is like digging into golden memories. “All the autograph books look the same. But they make a great show when one leafs through the pages. Whenever I get free time, I go through what my friends have written about me and enter the world of finest memories and precious moments. They are just delightful and exciting,” she exclaims.

She further adds, “These books also remind me of my pals’ birthdays and are surely helpful in keeping in touch with friends. I purchase gifts for them based on their favourite colours and interests, mentioned in the slam book. I always get appreciated for my choice.”

“I agree that slam books are decreasing these days and most of my friends prefer scrapping and tweeting rather than writing in autograph books. But nothing gives a pleasure as great as autograph books,” she concludes.

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