Police zero in on stadium blast suspects

Police zero in on stadium blast suspects

City Police chief appeals public to check rumour mongering

“I will make an important announcement on Wednesday at 11 with regard to the incident,” Bidari told Deccan Herald.

Bidari said police have taken 45 suspicious persons into custody. Tips given by some of them had led to the detection of the bombs planted outside the stadium.

The police require two days to work out certain issues disclosed by those in custody, he added.

While he justified his action in permitting the match to go on after police had thoroughly scanned the stadium four times, he also indicated there was pressure from ‘some’ people on police to continue the match.

Whose lapse?

The City police are not ready to agree that there was a security lapse on their part. “Security outside the stadium falls within the framework of IPL and KSCA, while the police deal with security inside. The police conducted security check up three hours before the start of the match,” Bidari said.

Director General and Inspector General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh and the Home Department is convinced that the City police did not err in their security duty, Bidari said, adding that the police cannot register cases of negligence against the IPL or KSCA as “certain” reasons prevented them from doing so.

Bidari blames channels

City Police Commissioner Shankar M Bidari has blamed TV news channels for shifting of the matches from Bangalore to Navi Mumbai.

Clearly irked at the the TV channels starting to flash the news of the matches being shifted soon after a meeting with KSCA and IPL officials in his chamber, Bidari said, “Such decisions are taken as the channels keep showing blast sites, panic-stricken people and live bombs. The channels fail to verify facts before flashing breaking news,” he said.
The City police have decided to issue press releases to media every day about the progress made in the investigation.

The decision was taken as a section of the media carried some wrong facts about the incident leading to panic.

“Please help us in controlling rumour mongering. You may please abstain from publishing unverified reports. This will be in the public interest,” stated a press release by DG and IGP’s office.