Simple conversations on life strike a chord

Simple conversations on life strike a chord

The fourth day of the Deccan Herald Theatre Festival witnessed a full house for the play 'A Funny Thing Called Life', directed by Prashanth Nair.

The play starts with a short scene where one of the two characters is given 10 minutes to live by a person who calls himself messenger who announces a person's death. While it turns out at the end that he was someone who pulled over at the software engineer's house to hand over his termination letter from the company he works for.

Within 10 minutes of his time, the man reveals to himself what he desired in life.

The drama is filled with six such scenes that unravel certain common incidents that happen in people's life which reveals trivial aspects of life.

Various points of the play also highlight social issues like women's rights, freedom, culture among others through usual conversations between characters.

The audience laughed at the humour-filled dialogues while the play received applause at the end of each scene, too.

Every scene reinforced the play's title 'A Funny Thing Called Life', by including instances from people's life perceived on a daily basis.

The scenes, though not connected to each other, conveyed  the central theme of life. The characters also tried to convey deeper meanings and the meaninglessness in them.

The play ended with a final scene which portrayed a Kannadiga auto-rickshaw driver talking to a North Indian passenger about the North and South divide, which included women's issues, cultural differences, etc.

The play ended with the characters engaging the audience by talking to them and saying: "Our great depression is our life."

Nair said the play by the theatre group 'Tahatto' was organised in such a manner that it could be acted anywhere, including in bookstores or coffee shops.

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