Need for drip irrigation stressed

Horticulture Department district deputy director Bhuvaneshwari called upon farmers to avail the benefits of the agricultural and horticultural packages initiated by the government.

Inaugurating the one-day workshop on the importance of drip irrigation in the agricultural and horticultural growths in the greenhouse, the officer said that drip irrigation plays a major role in the polyhouse and farmers should opt for it for beneficial farming.

She said that the government is introducing several programmes for the farmers, especially to promote drip irrigation and cultivation at the greenhouses and polyhouses.

She added that farmers should go in for nursery cultivation and avail benefits from the schemes which enable subsidies usage. Subsidies are offered to the growths which are done through greenhouse and polyhouse using drip irrigation. However, the farmers from the area are not aware of this even though they are interested. She urged the importance of creating awareness among the farmers.

Agriculture Diploma College, Brahmavar Principal, Dr Sudhir Kamath said a polyhouse is an invention to counter the impact of global warming on the cultivation process. The farmers should be trained in maintaining the temperature at both poly and greenhouses. He added that growths will have less effect against the pesticides, however, and the farmers should know how to cultivate healthy farm growths in the polyhouse.

Brahmavar Zonal Agricultural Research Centre senior scientist Dr S U Patil said that the training would help the farmers to understand the pattern of growing the agricultural and horticultural growths. Temperature and proteins play a crucial role in the polyhouse. There should be high temperature and less humidity. Proper action should be taken while placing the poly sheet. Farmers should have the knowledge of the height, width and breadth of the polyhouse, which should be set up proportionate to each other.

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