The view from the hills

The view from the hills

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, nestled away off Malur-Kolar road is the Markandeya Hill, or popularly known as Markandeya Betta. The place is about 65 km from Bengaluru and situated near Vokkaleri Village.

The hill is approximately 1,400 m above sea level and one can reach the top of the hill either by road or climbing the steps. The area offers amazing landscape surrounded by thick vegetation and is ideal to visit from August to January.

How to get there

We first reached Chikkatirupathi and had a 'darshan' of Prasanna Venkateshwara Swamy. Though it was a Saturday, since we started early, the crowd within the Temple was sparse and was just picking up. After having a quick 'darshan', we enquired about the route to Markandeya Temple with a local priest, who guided us to a small town called Vokkaleri on the Malur-Kolar Road. We rightfully took the road suggested.

We stopped at one of the tree shades and had homemade breakfast. We then proceeded further and came across a small industrial area, which housed some brick manufacturing units and machine tool component manufacturing units as well. We proceeded further, to reach Vokkaleri town. Upon enquiring with the local people, we reached an arch within the main town, which led to the Markandeya Hill.

There are no clear signboards on the way and it is advised to enquire with the locals before proceeding on the route. Once you reach the route that leads to the Temple, the hill is pretty clearly visible from a distance. As one approaches the base of the hill, a thick forest vegetation surrounds the area.

It is pretty much deserted at the first glance and the road did not seem to have proper street lights either. Hence it is advisable not to stay after late hours in the evening.

When we reached the base, we were welcomed by a flight of steps that lead to the Temple. Since we were told by the villagers in Vokkaleri town that we can drive the way up to the hill, we decided to drive up rather than take the steps.

The road upwards was not so bad and had a couple of small hairpin bends. As we approached the Temple entrance, we were in for a surprise. The Temple premises provide a beautiful view of the surroundings.

A cool and gentle breeze greeted us and we sat on the stone benches in front of the Temple.

Hotels and eateries  

Ideally, one is advised to carry food since there are no good hotels nearby. The nearest place for some food outlets is Kolar, which is about 15 km from this place.

The vast landscape provides an ideal weekend getaway, where one can spend some relaxing time. Other prominent places around are Kotilingeshwara Temple and Bangaru Tirupathi.

Overall, it is an ideal weekend getaway.

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