Work on your weaknesses

Work on your weaknesses

It's that time of the year when all your hard work is going to pay off. Pre-boards are around the corner, and they can help you reach your true potential. They can function as the ultimate litmus test – with your exam strategy playing a crucial role. Remember that even the slightest change in your approach to the question paper can impact your final score. Here are five areas to effectively work on to help perfect your strategy:


With limited time remaining, it is imperative to make self-organisation a top priority. If it is, indeed, one of your weaknesses, draft a daily timetable, and follow it until the very last minute.

Or, if you feel that your daily schedule is becoming monotonous, create a weekly one instead. It must guarantee a set number of study hours every day. But don't forget to take breaks - sparing enough time for sports and other relaxation activities.


While it is important to grasp what remains in the syllabus, it is equally important to revise the concepts you've already mastered. The ability to perform optimally in the exam relies on the art of having perfected the balance between studies and revision. Take some time out to figure out exactly what you need to revise. Stronger areas will need gentle polishing, while others will need more time.

Difficult concepts

This is the cause of worry for a majority of students. But it shouldn't be so, since you still have enough time to strengthen tougher concepts. In fact, you will realise that the remaining three months will do wonders for your learning and revision. Keep all self-doubts at bay, and delve right into the subjects. It is essential to thoroughly and comprehensively study the entire syllabus, rather than just specific chapters which you find difficult to grasp.

Breakdown the coursework, subject-wise, into different topics, depending on their level of complexity, and make sure you cover the basics before engaging with more advanced themes. But never waste too much time on topics that drain your time and energy. If you are having difficulty with a particular concept, spend some time going through some of the frequently asked questions on it.

Study material

Despite planning well, students often ignore their National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) coursebooks. They are more than sufficient for you to secure over 90%. Especially when you are short on time, try and focus on them, along with past question papers.

Time management

Systematic study is key to achieving success during any examination. Break down the number of days left for pre-boards and assign it to particular sections and topics. It has been observed that studying different subjects in a day, with proper allocation of time, engages different parts of the brain, thus improving your overall retention capacity. Make use of learning apps, and other tech-based solutions, to plan out tasks and set reminders for everyday tasks.

It is important to utilise the pre-boards as a sounding board to keep a track of your performance. Careful evaluation of each paper will not only help pinpoint any shortcomings in your preparation, but also further strengthen the areas in subjects where you have been scoring well already. But you must take care to not stress or panic too much, if the results are not favourable. Instead, push yourself harder each day to improve upon your mistakes.

The ideal option is to manage your time in a way that helps you deliver your best during the exam. You need to identify your pattern early on, and plan your entire preparation schedule accordingly. You must also be strong during these vital months to overcome all major distractions.

Pre-boards will help you come to terms with the status of your preparation only to add more fuel to it. They'll make you aware of all the areas that are time-consuming, and need practice. More importantly, they'll help you stumble upon the areas that need fixing. Remember, it is just as important to know your weaknesses as your strengths. And it will only help you deliver your very best!

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