Five ideas to update your living room

Five ideas to update your living room

Trends and decor ideas around your living rooms have changed a lot  over the years. However, the concept  remains the same. It is a space where we spend time with our family and friends  and have the most fun. This also makes it that space in the house which needs a constant makeover.  

Do away with the TV

A living room should be a space where you can have conversations with family members, play games and have fun. With a TV around in this particular room, all the mentioned activities become less possible.  Instead of fitting in a television and different cabinet for the same, utilise this  space for having more seats.

Go in for a theme-based look

One of the biggest changing trends  in the living room is going for a theme-based look instead of traditional interiors. Some of the popular themes are  the modern look, the Mediterranean and the industrial look. To achieve a Mediterranean look, play a lot with white and Mediterranean hues. To create such interiors, minimalistic wooden furniture with distress polishes as well as arched walls with a very breezy look is the way to go.

Choose organised chaos

Its time we step out of the box and go beyond a  living room with matching sofa sets and dining. Get experimenting and go for an organised chaos look. Where everything is different including materials and products. Where stress is also given on the internal architecture of the space.

Make it cosy

Opting for  statement lighting as well as comfortable couches with coffee tables and a low seated lounge area should be sought to make the atmosphere cosy. Some of the products such as a lounger or mismatched chairs of different  colours,  textures  and materials will uplift a living space giving it a creative and quirky look.

Get smart

With everything getting digital and smarter, it's time to make your living room smart too. Make your home a smart home where everything can be controlled by  an app. Therefore, in  terms of cutting  edge  technology, choose to have either Amazon's Alexa or Google home. This will make your home smarter and more efficient.


(Courtesy: Ayushi  Kanodia  Designs)

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