Tharoor's decision to step down sensible but sad: Khurshid

Tharoor's decision to step down sensible but sad: Khurshid

Khurshid also showered praise on Tharoor, describing him as "very talented" and "outstanding".

"He was in my college (St. Stephens). He was very talented. He was one of the most talented and outstanding people of his generation in the college. He held a very high office in the world organization (United Nations). Therefore, we were very happy to see him performing well in the government," he told reporters.

"But political structures and systems have their own requirements and all of us are accountable to them. It is sad that it has happened but let us move on to do something better," he said.

"If something caused a hiccup and Tharoor felt it will be uncomfortable for the government and the party, his decision to step down and get beyond what has become a stalemate in Parliament, is a sensible and good one," Khurshid said.

He also dismissed suggestions that Tharoor had to go in an unceremonious manner. "There is no unceremonious manner. There is only one manner of leaving government which is by way of resigning. If you feel that you have caused difficulties to government and party, then all of us feel party comes first and,  therefore, we step down."
The minister said that there is a need to move on from these things. "A person can make a mistake, can get into difficult circumstances. A person can make a right or wrong decision but we need to move on," he said.

Asked whether the Corporate Affairs Ministry is carrying out any inquiry into the IPL issue, Khurshid replied in the negative, saying his ministry would intervene into the matter only after on-going inquiries point out any lapse related to company affairs.
"I only know what the Finance Minister said in Parliament that he will ensure action against everybody, who has committed any wrong in the matter and get the matter thoroughly investigated by concerned agencies. If some thing comes out from this action, which has any relation to company affairs, then it will come to us and we will take whatever action that is required only then," he said.

"We are not policemen moving out with a rod in hand. We will take action if there is any complaint related to company affairs i.e if somebody has not filed the balance sheet or appointed directors in a wrong manner," Khurshid said.
Since the questions being raised about IPL so far relate to only money transaction, they are being investigated by the Registrar of Companies and Enforcement Directorate, he said.

"We will come in the picture if something related to company affairs comes out in their investigation. It's not that we are sitting here waiting for an opportunity to get a prey and hunt on it. Our job is to ensure that law is practised...if we come to know that any step related to corporate law has been taken which makes our intervention necessary, then we will see it," Khurshid said.