Stars struck by shift

Stars struck by shift

Stars struck by shift

disappointed Ramya along with the cheergirls.

Actor Puneeth Rajkumar, a big fan of cricket and the brand ambassador for the RCB, shares his disappointment with Metrolife. “It is a sad turn of events but fans must understand that one had to take the best judgement under the given circumstances. Change had become inevitable on account of security reasons. On whether it was right or wrong, I really don’t want to comment on it,” he added.

Another huge supporter, who is often witnessed screaming and cheering from her stand, is actress Ramya, who is also the other brand ambassador of RCB. Expressing her thoughts on a social networking site, Ramya says the whole incident was quite scary. “It was done so that the matches don’t take place in Bangalore. What if Mumbai is the target?” she questions.

While Puneeth has not confirmed on his going to Mumbai to support the team, Ramya sure is ecstatic as she will be heading to Mumbai to lend her support.

“I’ll have to be so loud when I cheer because I will be doing it on behalf of all the RCB fans back home,” she says.     

Puneeth on the other hand is still positive on RCB making it to the finals. “They have been performing well so far and I feel there are still chances of the team making it,” he adds.
Once the IPL season is over, Ramya goes on to say, that she will miss a lot of things.

“I will miss everything that came with the IPL. The fans, the blogging, the matches, the stadium, RCB t-shirt, people calling for tickets, it was one beautiful phase. Now it’s back to the sets...wish RCB all the best. Will remain an RCB fan always,” she adds.