Some hits, many flops

Some hits, many flops

Last week, a hotel in Mahabaleshwar (that's a hill station in Maharashtra) had a near-Bigg Boss situation. My aunt and mother had gone for a vacation and were retiring for the night, at least my mother was, when my aunt exploded. She had been surfing channels for a while and just at the moment she turned to her favourite weekend show, all channels went kaput. Mom says that watching my aunt crush the happiness of the hotel staff was much like watching any of those insane Bigg Boss contestants have a verbal duel. She was reminded of that Shakesperean line, 'Hell hath no fury like a TV addict denied her Bigg Boss'.

Another year down, another roller-coaster adventure for television. Did you manage to sit glued to your television box or have you already buried it in your backyard after watching the shenanigans of the TV folk? In my case, well, let's just say, I am getting myself thoroughly examined considering I have had an overdose of headache pills this year. Yes, the bad far outweighed the good. So, let me warn you. If you've somehow managed to read up to here in the hope that this is a fun article, then stop. From here on, you enter dangerous territory, the sort of dark recesses from where there is no return. Here's bringing you, the worst (and some best) of television in 2017!

And the gimme mores are…

Foodie goodie

Where there is MasterChef, there is drooling! And it's not just food we are talking about. Delicious and delightful dishes served with a pinch of drama are just what the doctor ordered for the battered soul. MasterChef Australia provided enough entertainment for entire households to become addicted - to food, to the contestants, and to the judges, of course!

Throne woes

Never forget who you are. The rest of the world will not. Game Of Thrones may have bagged just one nomination at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards for Best Drama, but this gripping tale about keeping the crown was the talking point of every TV series buff this year. Difficult to escape its mania, whether you were on this side of the GoT memes or that!

Inner eye

Epic channel is always my go-to when I am looking for sane content that doesn't drive me up the wall. And surprisingly, almost every show on this channel is worth watching. Watch Drishti, a series of documentaries exploring the diversity of India including stories of culture, unsung heroes and unusual traditions.

Talk sense

A movie star who actually talks very little and talks business when he has to? Now, isn't that a great premise? TED Talks India Nayi Soch by Shah Rukh Khan has just kicked off and, from what we see, it is going to be a cracker of a show. Keep your eyes on, and for a change, wear your brains too while watching Indian television.

For the love of an encore

You may have your reasons to hate the second outing of the very popular Sarabhai vs Sarabhai over a decade after its first part aired, but for me, it worked. Why? Just for that one character it put into our minds - Jasmine! Who else could stand up to Maya Sarabhai?

And the eyesore awards go to…

Bigg Boss Season I-don't-care

Sigh! Yes, it has the mandatory 'phoren' model, a godwoman, an LGBT representative called Luv Tyagi (?!), screeching banshees, scheming 'commoners', and to top it all - Salman Khan, the man whose stubble looks so dreadful than going through the Amazon river would be smoother to navigate. The producers have realised things are looking so boring that they tried injecting some excitement by getting someone kiss someone else forcibly. So far nothing has managed to wake up audiences through this sleep fest. C'mon! The only thing consistent with this disgusting show is its disgustingness.

It's all in the family

Dynasty took us middle-class Indians by the story in the 1990s. The Carringtons and the Colbys, and their struggle to get a hold of not just their fortune but also their children had caught our fancy. No wonder when a reboot was announced, it was exciting news. But the plot isn't half as gripping and the actors are pale. Not even the wardrobe is worth talking about! No salvaging this.

An unsuitable boy

There is a 21-year-old girl. There is a 10-year-old boy. What do we do with them? How about we concoct a story and get them married? We could even show how much the young boy loves his angel, then we could pack them off on a honeymoon too. Somebody get me a dagger. Pulled off the air due to protests, but coming back in a new avatar is Pehredaar Piya Ki.

A drama queen

When Kangna Ranaut came on Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat, it was expected to be explosive. But it turned out to be on expected lines. A lot of Hrithik Roshan-Karan Johar bashing. Hmm, okay. Give me something else, please.

Heights of love

Every show takes a time leap. Kasam Teri Pyar Ki did too. Except that 30 years later, nobody had aged. The protagonist had a rebirth (of course) and just carried on with the romantic track with the same guy whom she fell out with three decades ago. Then, of course, she had to look the same as her pre-dead avatar, so somewhere along the way she had an accident and a facial surgery. Am I missing something? This show is currently topping the charts? Hullo, doctor, I am feeling a little delusional.

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