Happily ever after!

Happily ever after!

Happily ever after!

Ever imagined how it would be to take vows in a  picturesque resort in Italy, a luxurious palace in Jaipur or a pristine beach in  the Caribbean?  

Well, with many young couples deciding to tie the knot in such exotic locations, destination weddings are the buzzword today.

"Apart from classic picks like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur in Rajasthan, offbeat locations within the country like Kumarakom in Kerala and international destinations like Muscat, Bali and Sri Lanka are becoming top choices," says Shreya Dutta, co-founder, Krafted  Knot.

"Thailand is fast becoming one of the favourites among couples, and the best part is  this country is slowly opening up more islands too. Over the years, Thailand  has understood the Indian taste in terms of hospitality and food. Today, there are many direct flights from India to Thailand which also makes it a great choice," she adds.  

Destination weddings usually have 100 to 150 guests, who are mostly close friends and family members, point out wedding planners. "Young couples are moving away from mass-produced weddings  to a more bespoke and personalised one. Since most of them have lived abroad or have travelled internationally, they want their friends to understand Indian culture in the best way possible. So they opt for exotic destinations within the country," says Shreya.  

"This makes it an intimate event. This apart, people coming for these weddings are in a holiday mood and are a lot more relaxed. I personally love beach weddings. There is a certain fun element that comes with it. There is so much one can do in such settings. The most important aspect of destination weddings is guest management. Paying close attention to all their needs and comfort is of great importance," adds Shreya.  

Jyothi Ranka, an  equity advisory, who has been to many destination weddings over the past three years feel that close-knit ceremonies are the best part of  these kind of weddings. "The fact that the couple can concentrate on every guest present at the wedding makes it a great experience for  both the parties. These weddings have  fewer issues because there will be planners taking care of everything, from the arrival of the guests  to food and accommodation," says Jyothi.  

Getting inspired by these, Jyothi  wants to have a destination wedding herself. She says that choosing the  most striking locations and bringing the best out of that place, for instance, a palace, is what she likes about such weddings. "One can see the influence of Bollywood films and celebrity weddings on those who choose to get married in exotic locations. However, it is important that one incorporates their own ideas. These weddings are an elaborate and expensive affair. Considering it's the most important day in one's life, it's totally  worth it."    

Choosing the right wardrobe is a must for these weddings. Designer Rikita of 'Riraan' highlights on the different kinds of outfits one should carry with them to these weddings.

She says, "Since it's a chilled occasion, people should carry more easy-to-wear clothes. One can experiment with their wardrobe style and still be appropriately dressed for the functions. Coming to the bride and groom, it depends on how they want to be dressed -- whether to go traditional or try something super chic and comfortable. It's a personal choice but I suggest that they go traditional since a wedding is a one-time affair."

A successfully organised wedding comes with a lot of preparation, especially when it is happening outside one's city. Harsh Dhand, co-founder and owner of 'Rentsher' says, "We have been providing wedding requirements like stage decorations, DJ services and camping facilities for outdoor weddings. Most weddings require drone photography these days and providing them with such necessities and making their weddings an event to remember is a great feeling. We also look at providing fresh flowers from a local vendor around the wedding venue and rent requirements like mattresses, wheelchair for elderly people, etc. Seeing a great wedding unfold is also an experience in itself."    

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