The second chance

“It’s been over two thousand years, Father. Man needs my help – please let me go to earth,” Jesus pleaded.

God shook his head. “They might need help – but do they deserve it? I don’t think so. They had the opportunity once and rejected it. Look how they treated you when I sent you over. You went there to show them the right path to happiness and salvation. Yet, instead of listening to you they murdered you, my son.”

His son smiled gently. “But they are your children too, Father. How can you then not give them another opportunity?”

The look on the Almighty’s face was one of anger. “I can forgive them for killing my son – in fact, I already have. At least, in your name, they now pray and find some peace and happiness. But, how can I forgive them for killing the very Earth – their mother? Look! And see for yourself!”

And God showed terrible images to his beloved son. Of a huge once-lush forest, now a desert where no life existed. Of a lake once teeming with fish. Now filled with human waste and debris. Of thousands of factories, pumping waste and poison into the rivers and the ground.

"And nothing can save her if this continues,” God said, sadness in his voice. "Your mother will soon be dead. They may be my children too, Jesu, but I fear they are a mistake."

There were tears in Jesus’ eyes. The sights his father had shown him had been appalling but more
horrifying was the fact that his father appeared to have given up on Man.

“I know how the plight of Mother Earth must be paining you, Father. Yet, Man is not all bad. There is good in him too and there are people trying to make the world a better place. Let me show you please.”

And it was the turn of the son to show the father images from earth. Of children planting seeds, which would one day grow into mighty trees. Maybe into a forest. Of sheltered places where God’s other creatures could roam at will and live without fear. Of large gatherings of people clamouring for the earth to be saved and made well again.

"Father, you knew when you made Man that he was not perfect. It is my duty as your son to help man overcome these imperfections and learn to live in harmony with all your other creations. I know I can show him the way, Father, if only you give them this chance.”

God thought for a long while and then slowly nodded his white-haired head. “So be it, my son. Your love for Man is like a torch burning in the darkest of nights. Maybe Man is trying to set things right. Go forth and teach my first-born to love, cherish and respect.” Jesus bowed to his father. With the holy day coming up shortly, he would then descend to Earth and man would get his second chance. But...would mankind welcome it?


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