Indian workers attacked

A total of 41 Indians employed at the PT Drydock World Graha docks on Batam, an island just south of Singapore, were evacuated by a boat in a special seaport following the attack.
The four injured were among those evacuated under tight police protection, Antara news agency reported, adding no fatality was reported during the incident.

Around 400 police officers were deployed to stop the attack, police said. Police sealed the factory following the attack by the company’s workers who also burnt some 20 vehicles. The violence occurred after an Indian supervisor cursed at Indonesian workers, the report said.
“He (the Indian supervisor) said Indonesian people are stupid. It’s our nation’s dignity, therefore we are angry,” Baim, a worker, said.

About 10,000 workers gathered in front of the factory and sang Indonesia’s national anthem as well as other patriotic songs after the attack.

The workers had earlier attempted to vandalise the factory with various shipyard equipment they had brought along.

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