Slaying the street style

Slaying the street style

Slaying the street style

Recently, Priyanka Chopra broke the internet when she sported the stylish demi-denim trend. And of course, fashionistas and fans were left in awe as she slayed this denim skirt-jeans hybrid.
She teamed this skirt pant with a black turtleneck top, a black leather jacket and completed her look with a pair of red ankle-length boots.

A few designers talk about what they think of Priyanka's innovative denim avatar. Shweta Bose of 'BoseCut' says, "The distressed skirt pant denim looked comfortable yet very fashion forward. The red boots broke the monotony of the outfit and added a pop of colour. It definitely protects you from the cold. It lends a casual vibe but when paired with a classy top, it changes the look and also inspires a rugged layered look."

She says that denim, in general, can be considered an ideal winter wear. So, to avoid bulky wool coats, she says that one can look forward to wearing denim jackets by layering it with inner wool wear.

Designer Archana Manchala of the label 'Archana & Puneeth' says that Priyanka rules the trend when it comes global fashion. It was a never-seen-before silhouette which she absolutely nailed. With the kind of attention the outfit is getting, this trend is here to stay.

She says, "Denim is a classic favourite for winters and it can create a statement on its own. Be it the washes, the distressed or the embellishments. Priyanka definitely slayed it with her evergreen persona."
Puneeth adds, "She has created an uproar with this uber chic skirt juxtaposed with the denim pants and the leather jacket. The combination is first-of-its-kind in the fashion realm. The Marsella crocodile leather boots infused the perfect colour."

An interesting twist to her look was the ripped baggy jeans with a denim skirt effortlessly connected to it. Though this outfit could have easily been a fashion disaster, Priyanka's confident personality gave no room for second thoughts. Throwing more light on how confidence is the key to any trend, Vanshika Choudhary, founder of the brand 'Knya', says, "Priyanka is bold and there's hardly anything she's not capable of. Being known as a woman of confidence, she has never taken the backseat when it comes to experimenting with her outfits. I think this denim look that Priyanka has pulled off with such ease is just a reflection of herself and I really admire that. It's bold, sharp, firm and cool. And that's what she is."

With Priyanka Chopra breaking the internet with her recent avatar, the denim-on-denim trend is sure to raise the temperature this winter.