Farmers told to grow millets to fight malnutrition

Farmers told to grow millets to fight malnutrition

Farmers told to grow millets to fight malnutrition

Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister T B Jayachandra on Tuesday, opined that only millets can combat the rising malnutrition in the country.

"People should consume millets and keep malnutrition at bay. Agricultural universities should conduct more studies in this regard," he said.

Speaking at a symposium organised as part of Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Jatra Mahotsava at Suttur he said that most of the children are suffering from malnutrition, which is bad for the future of the country.

"Agriculture and food scientists should take up the responsibility and encourage farmers to grow millets and create awareness among the people to consume millets," he said.

"The use of chemical fertilisers has a negative impact on the health of the people. It has become inevitable for the farmers to concentrate on organic farming. The farmers should form groups to rejuvenate the lakes and increase agriculture sub-production," he suggested.

'Cooperative policies'

State Sugarcane Growers' Association president Kurubur Shanthakumar said that the salaries of the ministers and legislators are increased regularly. "But the farmers do not get a good price for their produce. The need of the hour is the establishment of a company of growers under cooperative policies and an increase in support price for the produce periodically," he said.

Mauritius vice president Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory released the book on millets 'Siridhanyagala sampradayaka khadyagalu' on the occasion and said, "The people have raised their voice against the use of chemicals in agriculture. Now, the farmers are moving towards organic cultivation."

He lauded the JSS Educational Institutions for establishing a Technical Institute at Mauritius in 2006.

Hosadurga Bhageeratha Uppara Mutt seer Purushottamananda Swami and Taralabalu Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami were present.