Go digital, go smart

Go digital, go smart

Go digital, go smart

India has the highest percentage of users surfing the internet with mobile phones accounting for 70%. Technology and internet have touched almost all aspects of our life. However, one area that had remained isolated for a long time was the real estate industry. With the advent of smart home automation, this segment too is witnessing radical changes. Smart home automation is a set of digitally connected and controllable devices within the home that can be operated and controlled remotely through internet, using any piece of hardware like a remote control unit, tablet or a smartphone.

Not too long ago, a home was considered smart if it included a few high-end security features. However, with advancement in technology and drop in costs, smart homes today include a far greater array of products. Some of the new offerings today focus on control, connectivity, comfort and lighting; security, entertainment, energy management and smart appliances.

The security segment of home automation is sought after and includes surveillance cameras (for exteriors), video cameras, video door phones connect with the security in the reception area in the building. These cameras can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone from anywhere.

Most lifestyle homes from large developers are offering home automation such as video door phones, digital door locks, remote-controlled lighting systems, air conditioning, enhanced safety through fire detection systems, gas leakage detection alarms, conveniences like occupancy sensors for toilets, energy efficiency monitoring apps, entertainment control systems and the like.

A smart home enables you to control devices from anywhere making it immensely convenient. Think about coming home to a pre-cooled living room after a hard day at work, walking in by waving your phone to unlock the door or even playing your favourite music in any room with just a click.

Most builders are leaving no stone unturned to provide their buyers with state-of-the-art smart home features. Smart home automation is fast becoming a way of creating product differentiation and aspiration among discerning customers. So, get on this automation trend and live an easier life.

(The author is CEO, Ozone Group)