Hot from the oven

Hot from the oven

Hot from the oven

mouth-watering Variety of breads.

Cyril, a tall lanky Frenchman with his distinctive Rastafarian cap, and his dimunitive partner Dhanamani in her bright  polyester sari, make unlikely business partners. He is a Parisian baker and she once ran a little tea shop in Kodaikanal.

“We met and became friends over eight years ago when she offered to supply me with home-cooked food. Her family became my extended family in India till her parents passed away recently,” says Cyril who also speaks fluent Tamil.

After supplying baked goods from the little kitchen they set up in Kodaikanal for a couple of years, they decided to relocate to Bangalore. Here, they hoped to have a steady stream of customers right through the year not just during the tourist months.

“We were promised space and support by Bangaloreans we met in Kodai. But after arriving here, nothing materialised for five months. So we decided to strike out on our own and sell our goods at reasonable prices to office-goers,” says Cyril.

The duo bake all night and then load up their products, all neatly packed, and set up shop at corners frequented by hungry office crowds under the name 2High

The menu changes everyday. Some days, it’s vegetable pizzas, pies, buns filled with pureed fresh strawberries or muffins with chocolate chips. “Ingredients are very fresh, everything is hygienically prepared at home and since the quantities are small, there are never any stale goods to carry over,” explains Cyril.

He also make excellent breads from ragi, whole wheat and rye. Flans (an open custard tart), cinnamon and honey rolls. The list is quite extensive with plenty of scope for variety. “Cakes too are a part of our repertoire made from almonds, cashews, assorted nuts and dates along with chocolate chip cookies and muffins flavoured with chocolate, rhubarb or strawberry.”

“Priced at an average of Rs 10 for a strawberry bun to 15 for a dense chocolate muffin, the most expensive item on their menu is the pizza or vegetable filled baguette at Rs 40. Since they have no permanent location, they can be contacted on 9738174004.