WEF: #IndianMeansBusiness tops Twitter theme hashtags charts

Last Updated 27 January 2018, 08:48 IST

#IndiaMeansBusiness has led the social media chart as the most discussed themes and hashtags coming out of the four-day World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, according to a US-based analytics company.

The hashtag was mentioned maximum of 39,251 times, followed by women (35,837), America First (31,449), wealth (22,896), AI (19,018), globalism (16,513), climate change (15,477), fake news (13,567) and Blockchain (12,918), said international social media analytics firm Talkwalker.

However, US President Donald Trump with more than 273,000 mentions eclipsed every other individual in social media discussions around Davos.

After Trump, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was second most discussed person at Davos with 62,227 mentions.

Modi was followed by France President Emmanuel Macron (40,975), British Premier Theresa May (27,791), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (25,809), German President Angela Merkel (23,897) and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (13,573).

Talkwalker said Davos was mentioned more than 2.2 million times in the past week as against 795,000 mentions during last year's event.

"Trump eclipsed every other individual in social media discussions around Davos. From his speech to allegations of an affair, he generated four times as much discussion as any other top topic or individual," it said.

The most discussed topic was wealth inequality - Oxfam's figure that 82 per cent of wealth goes to one per cent of the population, with almost twice the number of mentions of the next most discussed topic, Talkwalker reported.

It said Modi's address promoting India for business on the opening day of the forum scored highly alongside Macron's poking fun at Trump's refusal to believe in climate science.

AI, globalism and climate change were also widely discussed themes, it added.  

(Published 27 January 2018, 08:46 IST)

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