'Govt tapping phones of BJP MLAs'

'Govt tapping phones of BJP MLAs'

Speaking to press persons in Bangalore, Kumaraswamy said Yeddyurappa had been tapping phone calls of select politicians since the day he became Chief Minister. He resorted to the illegal practice only to safeguard his seat.

Kumaraswamy said many BJP MLAs and ministers hesitate to receive phone calls. They suspect that their calls are being tapped. “Many BJP MLAs and ministers have shared their fear with me. In fact they refuse to talk to me over phone. Similarly phone calls of many opposite party leaders are also being tapped”, he alleged.

He urged the National Democratic Alliance, which had been demanding inquiry into alleged phone tapping by the UPA, to demand a similar inquiry in Karnataka as well.

Reacting to a query on Kumaraswamy’s allegations, Home Minister V S Acharya said that the government did not tap any phone call and there is no need for the same. “Its only an illusion created by the Opposition.”

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of College day celebrations of A J Institute of Medical Sciences in City.