Where is Mr Postman?

Where is Mr Postman?

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Where is Mr Postman?

Old charm: An inside view of the Museum Road Post Office. Although our core operations are communication services, transportation services, financial services and value added services – we do so much more and provide so many facilities and our customers need to become aware of them,” says  Yoganand, the sub-postmaster of the bright cheerful post office on Museum Road.There was a time when the postman was one of the most important people in the neighbourhood, the bearer of good or bad tidings and the link with friends and relatives in far off places.

His visit was eagerly awaited and a glimpse of his khaki-clad figure would either set pulses racing with anticipation or stomachs plummeting with dread.

He would brYogananding in news from overseas in envelopes marked with exotic stamps, school report cards at the end of the year and all manner of communication and news.
“With the arrival of email and mobile phones, communication as we knew it changed almost overnight and post offices had to change too or perish. We revamped our look, became more customer-friendly and extended our services to include a whole new bouquet of offerings. We book air bus and rail tickets, process passport applications, stock SIM cards and recharge coupons, exchange soiled notes and sell RBI coins, provide special rakhi envelopes.We also sell Armed Forces Medical College application forms and even distribute Ayyappa Swami prasadam!” adds Yoganand.

BhagirathiBhagirathi, a senior clerk adds, “Our savings schemes are very popular with people especially senior citizens. Although we offer the same interest as banks, which is 3.5 per cent, the paperwork is less and our staff are more approachable. We are planning to introduce debit cards shortly and add to our insurance and financial schemes which are already pretty extensive.”

Roopa Radhakrishan steps into a post office only to buy National Savings Certificates. “I am aware of some of the new services they offer but not all. It does seem to be a bit off the beaten track. It’s good to know that they have become so proactive and customer-friendly. I think I may visit them more often and avail of these facilities,” she says.
Student Asha Vinaker has a bright post office next to her home but remembers visiting one as part of a school project  many years ago.

“No, I am not aware of the services they now offer and haven't felt the need to visit one lately,” she says.“All our staff including our postmen constantly attend training and soft skills workshops in order to serve the public better. Compared to courier services, we are very cheap and reliable. A registered post document sent overseas will cost you only Rs 40 as compared to Rs 2,000 by a courier company. It will reach the recipient in about ten days,” adds Yoganand.