Today's letters..

Today's letters..

Stop glorifying Maoists

Sir,  A few sympathizers of the Maoists are singing paeans about these outlaws who violate human rights with impunity. They resort to force to recruit young men and women, demand ransom, levy illegal tax and indulge in all sorts of ruthless activities. If they are so popular they should stand for elections and fight it out rather than attack police and other persons stealthily. We should stop glorifying these lawless elements who have no place in a democracy like ours where ballot counts and not bullets.

D B N Murthy
Jayanagar, Bangalore

Phone tapping: Impartial probe needed
Telephone tapping is not bad provided it is done only to detect the criminal activities of terrorists and other anti-nationals. The Ramakrishna Hegde government in Karnataka had to pay heavy price  for the allegations of phone tapping of political adversaries.  It must be noted that political adversaries are not the foes of ruling party. 

Every law abiding person has right to privacy.Nobody has the right to snatch the right guaranteed by the Constitution. The allegation that the National Technological Reconnaissance Organization (NTRO) functioning directly under the Cabinet Secretariat directly reports to Prime Minister is a serious matter which needs to be probed.   The Prime Minister has been enjoying a good name in the eyes of public.It is difficult to accept that the NTRO has been indulging in unethical acts under his covert direction.Only impartial probe can nail or confirm the allegation. 

K.V. Seetharamaiah

BCCI ‘s murky affairs
This refers to the news item: BCCI refuse to budge’ (DH April 25).  The murky affairs of IPL-III are generating curiosity amongst the people by the day.  The BCCI is adamant in holding governing council (GM) meeting on April 26 despite the plea of Union Minister Sharad Pawar to give 3 to 5 days grace period for Mr.Modi, obviously to divest the IPL Commissioner of the post.  Equally determined is the beleaguered Lalit Modi that he would spill the beans by exposing everyone, as he perhaps has relevant documents to pin them down, so to say he will not go down without a fight.

The war of attrition is nothing new in the cash-rich BCCI but it has surfaced prominently to the knowledge of general public.With all the accusations and counter-accusations flying all over, whether the IPL-IV will get the same encouragement from the cricket lovers is a moot question.


Watchdogs at War   !

The ongoing war between two Regulators in India i.e. S.E.B.I. and I.R.D.A. has brought to light various shortcomings in the working of Insurance Regulators. In fact ULIP is nothing but an extension of Mutual Fund product because of its inherent pattern of investment. The only difference being hefty commission being paid to the Agents by Insurance Companies.

The mis-selling investment instrument like ULIP  is akin to C.D.O.'s which smart Investors brought in U.S. in 2008 and which had caused havoc in U.S.Economy. However in U.S. Market Watchdog S.E.C. was quick enough to indict Goldman Sachs which mis-sold such instruments. One does not know how far effective can  I.R.D.A be  in controlling such cases of misdemeanour in the country. One will be surprised to know that No. of Insurance policies that have lapsed during 2009  was over 91 Lakhs worth Rs.1 Lakh Crore. Similarly in the same year 17.3 Lakh policies of Private Insureres worth Rs.47000 Crores lapsed. The lapse ratio of one leading Pvt.Insurance Co. stood at 53% in 2009, implying that over half the policies sold by the Insurer were not renewed. It is difficult to say whether Insurance Regulatory Development Authority [IRDA] is really working in the interest of Policy holders.

Satish R.Murdeshwar

Impossible in India
How can any Indian expect that the money greedy IPL commissioner Lalit Modi will ever be punished soon when the killer of 166 innocent Indians Ajmal Qasab, the Parliament house attacker Afzal guru and the 1993 Mumbai blasts master mind Abu Salem and several corrupt politicians like Jayalalitha, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mayawati and Mohammed Azharuddin have not been punished till date?

Hansraj Bhat
Borivali, Mumbai

Blaming Media
One glamorous personality, allegedly involved in the ongoing controversy in the sports arena, has solely blamed the media for her predicament. Would she be able to explain to the Indian public as to what are her expectations from the fourth estate? Had it not been for the alertness on the part of the press and the electronic Channels, this sordid episode would have been entirely swept under the carpet. Also, if the lady wants to put the records straight, the doors of the media offices are always open to listen to, and if found worth, to publicize her version of innocence in the matter.

Arun Malankar
Santa Cruz,