School managements allege harassment

School managements allege harassment

In a release, Kusma President G S Sharma has stated that member schools in these districts have been issued notices stating they have been recommended for derecognition on the grounds that they have been collecting donations and ignoring roster system while making admissions.

“But collecting donations is permitted as per the circular of the Government, though it should not be made a precondition for admission,” Sharma said.

He also said that roster system was not applicable to unaided schools as they had a right to admit students of their choice as per the circular from the Commissioner of Public Instruction (CPI).

By not giving a schools an opportunity to explain their stand on these issues before recommending their names to the higher authorities amounted to denial of their fundamental rights, he added.

He also criticised the Education Department’s policy of forcing the private schools to purchase Kannada medium books by paying a deposit in advance, ignoring the circular issued by CPI, permitting schools to buy text books of any medium of their choice till the end of May 2010.