Will you send your son to a govt school, kids ask Yaduveer

Will you send your son to a govt school, kids ask Yaduveer

Will you send your son to a govt school, kids ask Yaduveer

Would you enrol your son Aadhyaveer Narasimharaja Wadiyar at a government school or send him to a private institution? Why have you not come with your army?

These were among several inquisitive questions posed to the scion of Mysuru's erstwhile royal family, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, and his wife Trishika Kumari by students at the BBMP school in Byatarayanapura on Wednesday.

The couple was at the school to inaugurate Jnanalaya (library) started by the NGO Kalisu Foundation. The school has 2,000 students. The new library has 2,000 books.

"My son is just three months old. When the time comes to send him to school, we will think and decide," Wadiyar replied. "The army was there during the king's rule. Now, you are the army."

Basamma, a class 5 student, wanted to know what kind of clothes Wadiyar prefers to wear, other than the royal attire. Wadiyar had a straightforward reply: the royal attire is worn only during the Dasara and while performing certain rituals. "Like any normal person, I love to wear normal trousers and shirts at other times," he said.

Seventh-grader Priya asked whether Wadiyar preferred the king's rule (monarchy) or democracy. His reply sought to strike a balance. "Elders who have seen the king's rule say those days were better. But we have grown up in this age and we like this set-up."

Quizzed about his hobbies, Wadiyar said he liked to play tennis and guitar and read books. He rated his college days the best part of his life. And Mysuru is his favourite city. But he hastened to add that he likes Bengaluru, too, where he studied.

Kumari said she was indebted to the people of Mysuru for their love and respect.