Furry friends for life

Furry friends for life

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Furry friends for life

How often have you visited a friend who owns a pet and wondered how it must feel to have someone waiting for you, when you get back home after a tiring day?If you thought furry friends serve only as companions, think again. Studies have shown that these creatures also provide a number of health benefits, ranging from reducing stress to controlling blood pressure etc.

While most parents worry about raising their newborn babies and pets together, having pets can prove quite beneficial on the contrary. A child’s immunity is developing in the first year and the bacteria in a pet’s saliva helps strengthen the immunity. Taking care of pets only teaches them responsibility and also makes them feel like an important part of the family. This boosts their self-esteem.

Namrata, a student who loves pets says, “Being with pets makes me happy but it is also a lot of responsibility. Taking care of them is the most important part. Pets can be very comforting when you are going through hard times. They have taught me to be more loving. I would advise everyone to have a pet.”

Naresh Shetty, a psychologist at MS Ramaiah Medical College, narrates some valid reasons for keeping pets. “Children with disabilities could have multiple advantages of owning a pet. Since they are more prone to not getting enough love from the society, the unconditional love that pets provide can make a great difference.

Being with pets gives them a sense of accomplishment, since bringing up a pet is great responsibility. Pets can help improve communication skills and more so in such cases. Using pets in stories can bring up a number of situations which can lead to development of the child’s thoughts and an improvement in his or her’s verbal skills.”

The benefits only increase with multiple pets in the household. Veena, a veterinary doctor says, “Animals are like humans. They have feelings too. Another pet in the house gives them company and they live longer and healthier lives. Being alone can make them depressive and destructive.”

Tejaswini says, “Having a pet is great and having two is better. They wait for you more than your parents and they need you to spend time with them. They are great stress-busters. My dogs have learnt things from each other and it is entertaining to see them together.”