Rajani taunted her husband on salary issue

Rajani taunted her husband on salary issue

“Our marriage ran into rough weather from the second day itself,” Bijoy said. He was visibly aghast and disheartened with the way his wife treated him. “You don't know how to speak politely. Your tone is too harsh,” was Rajani’s refrain during the journey.

Bijoy's parents, P S Samuel and Mariyamma, and his elder brother Ajay, received the couple at their two-bedroom house in Mutthappa Block, Ganganagar, where they reached on Friday. The couple did not give any impression of what had happened during the travel. A while later, the three left to bring  breakfast for the couple. The couple again locked horns as soon as they were left alone.

Rajani, who was working as a H R (Admin) with Saggezza India Pvt Ltd earned more salary than Bijoy, an Executive with IBM. Rajani had allegedly taunted him on this. She told him “I don't love you. You have ruined my life. You're good for nothing.” 

Teed off, Bijoy pounced on her in a fit of rage and strangled her. Rajani's cries for help was choked and she died moments later. Panicked, he took out a knife from the kitchen and slit the veins of his elbow-joint, Bijoy said in his statement to the police.

When Ajay came back, he saw the lifeless body of Rajani lying on the floor next to the bed. A wounded Bijoy lounged unconscious with his blood all over the floor.  Rajani was a B A (Communications) graduate and got her last job two years ago. In February, Rajani's parents placed a matrimonial advertisement in a newspaper. Bijoy and his family approached her parents Rajan John, an engineer in Thiruvananthapuram, and Jessey John.

A week later the couple got engaged at Ajay's house in Veerannapalya, on March 1. Incidentally, Bijoy’s parents hailed from Kerala and had settled in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Bijoy's family demanded no dowry. The couple got married at a church in Kuttapuzha, Thiruvalla on April 24.

The R T Nagar police are baffled by the supposed motive of the murder. "They were married for just a week. It's strange that within such a short duration, they developed a dislike for each other," an officer told Deccan Herald. With Bijoy in judicial custody, a pall of gloom has descended on Ajay's house in Veerannapalya.