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Just skirting around

Nikhil MehraFinding a perfect skirt is like finding a perfect man, observes designer Nikhil Mehra from the Shantanu and Nikhil duo. For years now, a skirt has been one of those ultra feminine garments that finds a place in every girl’s wardrobe.

Metrolife spoke to Nikhil, who said that a skirt is a personal item that should be treated as an extension of the individual. The beauty of the skirt is that it comes in various lengths. From the long gypsy skirts, tailored pencil skirts to the classic mini skirt. And two of the most important factors to keep in mind while picking the garment is to make sure it suits one’s body type and to what occasion you are wearing it to. “In general, a 21-inch-skirt can be worn as an office wear while a 13-inch-skirt is apt for a party,” says Nikhil.

It’s not necessary that only a well-toned body can really carry off a skirt. Nikhil says that each cut compliments different body types, “Those with a relatively slim figure can go for the long skirts while tall women can go for the pencil skirts and printed ones. Pleated skirts give a slimming effect for big-hipped women, and those with a medium height and a proportionate figure can go for the minis or short skirt,” he adds.

One must remember that there is that fine line when a skirt can be just a wee bit too short or too long. “A skirt is too short when you know it’s beyond your comfort level but just can’t say it and when you start tripping over your skirt, that’s when it becomes way too long,” he says.

Classy: Mini skirts are in vogue.Like everything in fashion, trends in skirts too change every season. “The balloon skirt that ruled the ramp for a while is now over and done with.This season, it’s all about the mini-skirts and the pleated skirts,” advises Nikhil. “The colours on the other hand is a personal choice but since it is summer, one can go in for the brighter and younger colours,” he adds.

Teaming the skirt with the right kind of top gives it a complete look. Nikhil says that a lot depends on the occasion one is going to. “If it is for a casual party, one can team up the skirt with a smart vest or a bustier. And a knee-length skirt with a formal shirt is apt for a more formal outing. At all times, avoid a formal shirt with a mini skirt or a long sleeved top with a long skirt,” he suggests. Different types of belts, anklets and stockings are some of the accessories one can go for while wearing a skirt, “but avoid those ugly mobile phone holders,” he adds.

Nikhil says, “A cardinal sin would be to wear skirts with things written on them. I once saw a skirt with ‘lollipop’ written on it and that is a big no-no,” he says while adding, “Length is a very critical thing in a skirt. Be careful with that, at the end of the day, it is all about the comfort level of the individual.”

Plain and bright

»Samiksha Jalan, a student, says that skirts are all about bringing out one’s feminine side. The length, she says, varies from person to person but she personally prefers the knee length. “A skirt can be worn for any occasion. But the colours and the type of skirt varies on what you are wearing it for,” she says.

During the day, Samiksha prefers denim and cotton skirts, “I don’t like printed skirts all that much. So I go for plain and bright colours for the day and team it up with casual round neck tees and sleeveless tops,” she says while adding, “As for the night, I like to dress it up a bit by teaming a dark coloured skirt with a dressy top or a formal shirt.” While she does not give that much importance to the accessories, she does use a few things like necklaces. “I use very minimal accessories but at times, I wear a beaded necklace,” she adds. 

Skirts for different body types

*Slender and tall women can go for the long flowing skirts and pencil skirts

*Slim and medium built women can go for the mini skirts

*Women with big hips can go for the pleated and knee length skirts

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