The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds


The best of both worlds

From learning taekwondo to bagging trilingual projects, Biaencaa Desai has definitely caught the eyes of film-makers and audiences across borders. With a number of Kannada movies to her credit, the actress is now ready to experiment and explore things that she never thought she had in her.

“The credit totally goes to the directors I am working with. The fact that they trust me to carry not just one but three-language movies is encouraging enough,” says Biaencaa, who has currently completed the shoot for Geetha Krishna’s Koffi Shop, a movie being made in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

Language is something she picks up very fast she says. “Getting prompted is not my cup of tea so I prefer to learn the language and deliver the dialogues myself. In the process, I have picked up Kannada and Telugu but Tamil was alien to me. So I had to take a bit of prompting for that but now I am getting a hang of it,” says the actress.

Known as the glamour girl, Biaencaa is said to have been portrayed without any make-up in Koffi Shop. “I play a glamourous girl in most of my films but in this film, I play a strong independent girl from a middle-class background.” She adds, “So the role required me to be without make-up and I loved it. It allowed me be my natural self and emote very well.”

At the same time, she says working with Geetha was a memorable experience as he allowed her to break through her inhibitions. “There was a particular song that required me to be very sensual. During the shoot, I was uncomfortable with many people in the room. So I requested the director to ask everyone to leave. It was really sweet of him as he saw to my comfort level first.

At the end of it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the song as I had never seen myself like that before. The audience can definitely expect a totally different act from me,” she explains.

Being from Mumbai, Biaencaa had no plans of getting into Bollywood this soon in her career. According to her, she felt she was not prepared for Bollywood. “I had never really written off Bollywood but I knew I had to be fully prepared and choose the right kind of scripts if I had to do a Bollywood project,” she says.

When Weekend, another trilingual with Arjun Sarja came along, she was offered only the Tamil version. “I never thought I’d be doing the Hindi one as well. But when the director offered me the Hindi version, I thought that it was just in my destiny,” says Biaencaa, who has now completed two schedules of Weekend.

So does this mean she has written Sandalwood off? “Not at all. My loyalties will always be towards Kannada cinema. I still want to have more experience in South as there is so much more to learn out here. But a lot also depends on the kind of films I am being offered. Both the industries are so different from each other that I wouldn’t mind having the best of both worlds,” she states.