Sitting pretty

An ergonomic chair that provides great comfort at work. It was designed by Jerome Caruso who calls the experience of designing Celle as the Mt. Everest of fun. The Cellular Suspension system created specifically for Celle creates a flexible framework that supports you with the same kind of buoyancy you’d feel if you could sit on water.
 Speaking about the Celle Chairs, Kartik Shethia, National Sales Manager, Herman Miller India said, “The Celle chair has a full range of adjustment controls at your fingertips which makes it the most comfortable and desirable task chair.”

The Celle chair possesses a human centered design - both the patented Harmonic tilt and Posture Fit are present on the chair, complementing the flexible support of the cellular suspension. The passive Posture Fit supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays properly aligned, whether you’re leaning back or forward. The unique Harmonic tilt allows for a deep range of reclining back with no varying resistance anywhere through the recline. You can make the seat higher or lower, move the armrests, control the tilt tension-personalise the chair to fit the way you want to feel. No two of the 1,578 polymer cells in a Celle chair are alike. The cells and connecting loops are engineered to provide the perfect flex map for supporting your body. And the system lets air flow through, so that skin temperature remains constant. Celle has a choice of colour options that is both concise and broad. Celle’s colours complement today’s trend to darker, warmer inner architecture.

Each Celle chair is made of one-third recycled materials and is 99 per cent recyclable, and can be disassembled in less than five minutes.

Get floored

Pergo’s laminate floors for 2010 is divided into three design categories: Inspired by Wood, Inspired by Minerals and Inspired by Trends.

Its four ranges are public extreme, for unrivalled wear resistance for demanding public environments, original excellence for handling high wear public environments, or home environments with very high wear, living expression suitable for public environments with normal wear and home environments with high wear and domestic extra for home environments.