Soft spot for soft toys

Soft spot for soft toys

Soft spot for soft toys

cuddly Most girls associate stuffed toys with comfort.

Take a look into any woman’s room, and more often than not, you will find a soft toy or two. White teddy bears, big pandas and cute monkeys, it’s a wild world out there.

But why is it that the fairer sex seems to be so inclined towards these soft creatures while men see them as silly and frivolous? While all women can’t be generalised into holding an uncontrollable affection for these furry toys, more often than not, it tends to be true. Metrolife explores to find out the reasons behind this fluffy love story.   The love for these toys starts when these are bought as play things but over time though other toys leave, these don’t.

“I agree that most women have a fascination for soft toys. Personally, I find them very sweet. I think most females have a child in them and the sight of a soft toy reminds them of their childhood days,” says Nidhi, a professional. Their soft cuddly nature is another factor that makes them so popular.

“It’s the safety and hugging thing. Women like to hug, and the soft cuddly toys are the best things to give a tight hug to, after a real person,” says Soumya, a professional.

“My roommate has stocked all varieties of soft toys because she finds them rather cute and sweet. In fact, she even insists on sleeping with those things on her bed,” says Madhushree, a professional. “As most of the females are big time chatter-boxes, they find soft toys a good companion to share their feelings with,” says Nidhi.

“They are surprisingly comforting when you are sad or alone,” says Ankita, a student.  While other toys are seen as childish, which only suit you till a certain age, stuffed toys are bought more for their cuteness, which is attractive, even when you grow up.

“There is something about these toys, maybe how soft they are and also their cuteness that makes them hard to throw away,” says Swapna, a student.

Another reason that these furry creatures are found is that they exist as a reminder
of a person or old memories  of parents, friend, boyfriend  or husband.

“Also, if somebody gifts you something with love, I would not like to throw it away, no matter how childish or irrelevant it may be,” says Mansi, a student. Also many a time, stuffed toys are the safest gifts given to women by their loved ones, which makes a ‘vicious cycle’ of gifting and collection of these cuddly creatures.

“The blame in such a case should be shared by both men and women, if someone has too many of these soft toys,” says Ankita.

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