More than words can say

More than words can say

More than words can say

unlimited love Personal gestures can make the day memorable.

The first ‘Mother’s Day’ was marked by the meeting of women’s peace groups comprising mothers of soldiers in the American civil war. But the day gained recognition in 1914 when American President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation, declaring the first national Mother’s Day, on the second Sunday of May. Though the origins of the holiday may not be Indian, the love for mothers is universal and one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this day. Youngsters in the City spoke about what this day means and how they make this day special for their mothers.

Even though there is no end to the cards and showpieces that can be bought in the market to make your mother happy, it is personal gestures that make the day so special. “I make sure that my brother and I do all the housework on this day, so that our mom can just sit back and relax,” says Angel, a student.

There are a few others though who stick to gifts instead. “It’s difficult to help my mom with home chores because she thinks I would make a mess out of it. So I stick to giving her greeting cards on the day,” says Sindhu, a student from Jyoti Nivas College.

Arya, another student, has a better way of figuring out the best present for this day. “Everyone in the family pools in money and we get mom something that she has been pining for a few months. Like last year, she wanted this dress which she found a little expensive and we bought it later and surprised her with it,” she says.

Handmade gifts also form really high on the list of people who want to make the day very special. “I make cards for her every year. I always try gifting her something special but it’s funny how my mom ends up misplacing them and I keep them safe,” says Kavya Balakrishnan, a student.

“Each year, my sister comes up with some creative plan for the day. Once she did a sketch of mom for the day,” says Abhishek, a student. “Conveniently, my role is just limited to supporting financially for the cake and flowers, though I still do it with love,” he adds laughing. But there is also a certain sect of the population who doesn’t think much of the day. “My mother doesn’t believe in such concepts. But I just wish her on the day nonetheless,” says Ashchary Prabhu, a student.

Cards or no cards, as they say, each day should be Mother’s Day. “Even if it is a Western concept, there is nothing wrong in celebrating the work that our mothers do to bring us up. They surely deserve a day for that,” says Angel.